codes lite


Codes Lite, Leistungen, Lichtplanung, Beratung, Engineering

Bene facta in luce. 

(Good works should be in the light.)

Marcus Tullius Cicero, roman polititian, lawyer and philosopher, 106–43 v. Chr.






„Think of light". How much, where, why and how?


These are the questions that keep us occupied and lead to our creative and long-term solutions. Whether it be for private living space, for the representative business premises or for the prublic space.




„Form follows function“. Under this motto, we develop the right solution for a task and define the right product from the wide range of possibilities.


Not the design, but the task itself and its precise possible implementation are in focus. Once this is ensured, the shape comes into the center of the event. When both of these requirements are met, the perfect product is found.



"Part of the solution". A solution, developed in the needs of the project, is not always available - although one might think that the market has already provided everything.


Thanks to many years of expertise and good contacts, we are able to expand the catalog. For this reason, we adapt a product that matches the needs of the task and or even develop something completely new.